Is Customisable Furniture Too Expensive?

When it comes to redesigning your home, it’s important to be picky about your furniture. You’re probably going to see your new sofa or chairs every day so it’s important that the final product brings you joy. 

But customisable furniture might be daunting because all of your changes to the original product may be too expensive. So, how do you get furniture that fits your creative image for an affordable price? 

Berkowitz offers a variety of gorgeous pieces that are customisable without breaking the bank. You can get perfectly styled quality furniture that’s cost effective and will transform your living spaces. 


How Can You Customise Your Furniture?

Berkowitz furniture gives you multiple customisable options so you have more control over the final product. Unlike many other furniture stores, Berkowitz offers a wide range of colours, finishes & even styles. Here are a few of the available customisable options.



When it comes to buying new furniture, considering the size of your living room or dining room is essential. As a result, Berkowitz allows you to customise the size of your furniture. When it comes to sofas, you can pick from a variety of seating options such as:

  • Two to four seater
  • 2.5 or 3.5 seater
  • Corner suite
  • Armchair

If none of these sizes suit your needs, you can even request a specific size that’s custom made for you and fits your space. Or why not combine different sizes with a variety of style options?



Berkowitz furniture is available in a variety of leather and fabric finishes. Many of these finishes are also offered in a wide range of colours. When selecting furniture, you can pick which colours and styles will make your interior design dreams come true. 

It’s also important to consider what decorative colours you’ll pair with your furniture to ensure that the final design comes together. Finding the right furniture style will have more of an overall, positive impact.


Is It Affordable?

YES! When it comes to Berkowitz furniture, you might not even have to sacrifice these luxurious options.  Berkowitz furniture has many Australian made products, which means that there are fewer production costs and you’ll save money on shipping. You’ll also have guaranteed quality for an affordable price.


Our Top Four Favourite Customisable Options

Here are some of our customers’ favourite customisable options that you can purchase for a highly affordable price even after you’ve made changes to your product.



The Metro is a sleek, modern sofa that’s available in a wide range of designs and sizes. You can even select a corner chaise if you’re going for a contemporary look. This sofa has small raised legs so that the seat of the couch is a bit higher than the floor.



If you’re looking for a sofa that epitomises comfort but still looks modern for a decent price, then the Davin may be the sofa your living room needs. Although it’s usually available in fabric, you can select a leather option for a minimal price.



The Canyon is one of the pricier sofa options but you can get a three seater chaise for a heavily reduced price. On top of this, you can select different fabric or leather options as well. 

This sofa combines a hardwood frame with high density foam to create an amalgamation of sophistication and comfort. The seat cushions are even reversible to increase the sofa’s longevity.



The Nora is a simple design with a timber plinth base & sloped arms but it’s highly affordable and has a wide range of customisable options. 

Not only can you pick different sizes, but you can select different fabric or leather options as well. On top of this, you can even stain the timber and select a button back for fabric options. With this sofa, you can truly control the design and formation.


Are You Ready to Be Creative?

Customisable furniture doesn’t need to be too expensive. With Berkowitz, you get value for your money. It doesn’t matter if you want bigger models or different finishes, you’re in control of the final product.

Consider one of the affordable options that we’ve listed. You can get the style you’re looking for and still have quality furniture.

It’s time for you to be creative. Have some fun designing your next sofa. Won’t it be enjoyable to set free the artists inside of you?



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