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Are Reclining Chairs/Sofas Bad for My Back?

If you’re about to spend a bit of money on a reclining chair there are a few important questions you must ask. First and foremost, is the chair going to be good for my back? The short answer is; it depends on the recliner.

Back Pain in the UK

It has been found that back pain is a leading disability. 11% of the people suffering from a disability are suffering from back pain. But that doesn’t mean you’re one of the people who are disabled.

Minor, manageable back pain affects 8 out of 10 people. That means only one in every five people you meet doesn’t have back pain. It’s something important to consider when buying a chair, or any piece of furniture that you may be sitting on.

Can Your Chair or Armchair Make a Difference?

Are you buying an office chair to improve your lumbar support while working or a comfortable chair to relax in when you get home from work? In both cases it’s important to investigate lumbar support. If you get a well designed chair then it’s far less likely that it will be a cause of back pain.

What Is Lumbar Support and Why Is It Important to You?

In short, lumbar support is back support; more specifically, lower back support. Back support will reduce the pressure placed on the spine while sitting. This will reduce the amount of work your muscles need to do to support the spine, and in turn, this will prevent and alleviate muscle tension.

Lumbar Support in Reclining Chairs

When buying a reclining chair, you must make sure that your lower back is supported. A good reclining chair won’t have a space between your lower back and the cushion regardless of what position you put the chair in.

You don’t even need to sit in the chair to see if this will be a problem. You can simply recline the chair without anyone in it and look at whether there is a gap between the seat & the back.

Additional Benefits of Reclining Chairs

In addition to providing back support, reclining chairs also provide other important benefits. These benefits include lifting your feet above your heart and fitting your body.

  • Lifting your feet above your heart has numerous benefits that extend far beyond being relaxing:
  • It can help reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • It’s important to elevate your feet when you have a heart condition as it helps the blood flow back to your heart without adding any additional strain.
  • It also reduces the strain put on your back as the tendons in your hips relax.

Finding a Recliner That Fits You

Every recliner is different and every shape is fitted to a certain type of person. Whether you’re tall or short you can find a recliner that will suit your needs. Is the head cushion too far forward causing neck pain or the footrest too far? These are all aspects that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Quality Furniture

One of the most important aspects when considering buying a reclining chair that will prevent, reduce and heal your back pain is quality. You need to buy quality if you want to get results.

Berkowitz furniture sets the standard for quality furniture. Originally from the UK, Berkowitz came to Australia in 1912 to set up his furniture shop. From there it was passed down through the generations, ensuring the highest standard of quality was never lost.

Today the fifth generation is running Berkowitz with the same passion and integrity that Samuel brought from the UK.

Offering a wide variety of furniture, specifically quality arm chairs, Berkowitz is the place to buy. With genuine leather coverings and a wide variety of colours, you can’t go wrong.

Berkowitz offers a range of different styles, each with their own unique functionality, ensuring that you find a recliner that fits you. Whether you’re looking for a modern design, a chair fit for the office or a chair to help you relax in your own home, Berkowitz is the place for you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you work all day at the office or have an outdoor job, coming home to a comfortable chair is a feeling that can’t be replaced. Not only are reclining chairs good for your back but they’re also good for your mental health and can be used in the office and at home.

Don’t hesitate, get yours today!



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