Why You Should Buy Australian Made Furniture

Have you ever seen a product featuring that little green triangle with a yellow kangaroo inside? This logo isn’t just a depiction of Aussie culture– it is in indicator that the product in question was made in Australia.

With that in mind, not all goods that were made here feature the “Made in Australia” symbol. It is important for consumers to educate themselves on the origins of the products they buy so that they can make purchases that meet their personal and ethical preferences. Even if an item isn’t obviously Australian, it pays to find out whether it is or not.


Why Buy Local?

The greatest reason for this is because Australian products maintain a certain level of quality that other products do not always exhibit. Additionally, buying Australian goods is a great way to support local retailers, local manufacturing as well as the Australian economy.


Where Can I Buy Local?

Australians are lucky in that there are a number of physical and online shops that are mostly if not fully stocked with locally designed or produced items. It helps to visit certified retailers who you know sell Australian-made goods, such as Berkowitz Furniture. We have a whole collection of Australian-made furniture, which includes dining sets, sofas, lounges and more.


Benefits of Choosing Australian Furniture

While it’s great to buy locally as often as possible, there are certain items that helpful to source within the country, and furniture is one of them. For several reasons, many home and business owners choose to stand by Australian furniture as their number one choice for furnishings.


Here are just a few of the benefits that local Australian furniture provide:

Environmental Sustainability: This is probably one of the most common reasons why people choose to buy locally made products. Typically, local items have lower environmental impact because they require less travel time (and therefore energy resources) to get them from the source to the production facility to the store.

Ethical Labour Practices: Australia requires certain labour and business practices that are not required or complied with in other countries. This means that when you buy Australian made furniture, you know you are contributing to a business that treats and pays their workers fairly.

Commitment to Quality: Australians are pretty proud people, so it makes sense that businesses based here would commit themselves to providing top-tier, well-crafted goods. They also often focus on using high-quality resources and materials when making their products.

Support for Local Business: We all know someone or know of someone who owns a small, local business, so we should want to support them. Buying local, Australian made furniture helps support small businesses that produce, allowing these craftspeople can keep doing what they love.

Boost to Australian Economy: By giving your dollars to local businesses, you are keeping your money in Australia, therefore helping to create more demand for local jobs and boost the economy and money flowing within it.

Customer Warranties: Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), locals are entitled to warranties on local goods even if they have extended beyond the manufacturer warranty period. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be additional company warranties and guarantees in place for Australian residents.

Lower Delivery Costs: When shipping from Australia to Australia, your shipping costs are going to be significantly lower than if you were shipping from overseas. (It’s an island– importing anything here costs a lot). Local delivery also means lower ecological costs.


Ready to Purchase Your Australian Made Furniture?

If these reasons were enough to convince you that local is the way to go, Berkowitz Furniture has just the selection you need. Our Australian made collection is sure to satisfy no matter what stylistic preferences you have. Reach out today or visit one of our Showrooms to learn more.



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