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Simple Ways to Revamp Your Dining Space

The dining room offers a space to enjoy meals, and an area where you can socialise and catch up with your guests. When redesigning your house, it’s easy to overlook the dining room. 

But fortunately with a little time and effort, you can revamp your dining room and make it the perfect space for entertaining.

Clean and declutter

You will be surprised at how much clutter you will have accumulated in your dining area. Before staging a total design overhaul, remove the clutter and clean up the area. Your dining room should be clear and airy, not cramped with your random belongings and documents.

Get a new dining table

If you’re looking for something completely fresh, or have simply outgrown your dining table, then it’s time to get a new one. Getting a new dining room table can really alter the look and feel of the space. When choosing a dining table, make sure it is the right size and does not overcrowd the room. 

Add a rug

To add a pop to your dining room, a statement rug can enhance the look of the room and bring a cooler, more vibrant energy to the space. Choose a rug that is complementary to the colour scheme of the floor and the dining table. We suggest choosing a rug that is larger and wider than the seating area so that it can also protect the floor from scratches from the chairs. 

Light it up

Changing the lighting fixture in the room can do wonders for livening up the space and making it warm and bright. A pendant light above the dining table can be the room’s accent piece. And strategically placed lamps can provide additional layers of lighting to the room to give it more definition and character. 


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