How to Pick the Right Dining Table

The right dining table is key to tying together the look and feel of your dining space. As the focal piece of the room, your dining table should be solidly built and stylistically aligned with the other elements in the room. And by choosing a simple and versatile design, you can make use of the dining table for years to come. 



Before you head out to the nearest furniture shop, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your very own dining table.


How many people are you looking to accommodate when dining? Whether you’re planning regular dinner parties or casual family meals, size is an important factor when selecting a table. Aside from comfortably fitting the people who will use it, it should also look like it seamlessly fits in the room itself. Your dining table should comfortably allow for chairs to be pulled out and shouldn’t restrict the movement of guests. Similarly, the dining table should provide enough leg room to avoid knocking your knees against it. 


As with size, the shape of your dining table is largely based on the dining room itself. Rectangular tables suit bigger rooms, as they are perfect for large-scale entertaining. The linear shape also allows for simple manoeuvering-  they’re functional, efficient and stylish all at the same time. Oval dining tables tend to better suit longer and tighter rooms as their shape maximises space. 

The shape of the dining table should also be dictated by the overall atmosphere you want to achieve. For instance, round tables are also more conducive to casual and fun conversations as there are virtually no positions of power. 


Balance, ease of care and aesthetic appeal must be weighed when picking a material for your dining table. For something long-lasting that ages well and evolves with you, timber and hardwood are great choices. This is because wood is durable, easy to repair and classically beautiful. For modern spaces, glass is fantastic and also allows light to filter and flow through efficiently, which is helpful in darker and smaller rooms.  


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