Maximising Your Living Room Space with Smart Sofa Arrangements

With careful planning, arranging furniture in a small space is easy! Planning will also save you time when you go to a furniture shop, so a great idea is to have a vision of what you’d like to put in the room and where. 

So if you’re looking to maximise your living room space, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Choose a focal point

A focal point draws the attention of anyone who enters the room. It is an effective tool for pulling in a guest’s attention, no matter the state of the rest of the room. For the living room, the focal point is typically a sofa, but can be a big window or an artwork. Choose the focal point well as the overall arrangement of the living room depends on it.

Stick to neutral palettes

Neutral and natural hues are lighter, and they are the absolute best choice for making smaller spaces appear bigger. A neutral colour scheme gives off a more expansive feel, as the lighter tones are softer to the eyes. We suggest that you also avoid crazy colours and patterns as these usually make the space feel cluttered. 

Scale down the furniture

While it seems obvious, when styling a smaller space, it’s important that you choose furniture that will fit comfortably. This means that you should avoid big and bulky pieces but rather fill your space with smaller and slimmer furniture that will be a much better use of floor space. 

Incorporate multifunctional pieces

When space is limited, it’s smart to choose items that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, a storage ottoman can function as a low couch and a storage solution. You can even place a tray on it and you’ll have an instant coffee table. This way, you guarantee that every furniture choice counts. 


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