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Tips for Arranging Furniture in the Living Room

Strategically arranging your living room furniture is important to create a functional, cohesive and stylish space. The way you organise your living room elements, for example your lounge chair, sofa and TV unit, with respect to each other dictates the flow of the room. But how can all these furnishings be tied together you might be wondering?

To help you out in arranging your living room furniture, here are some things to keep in mind. 

Choose a focal point

The focal point is where your eyes land first when you enter a room. For your living room, it could be a prominent window, a lovely fireplace or perhaps a media unit. The arrangement of the rest of your furniture depends on your focal point, so choose well.

Create conversation areas

The living room is where you can hang out and relax with friends and family. This is why it should be configured in a way that will allow easy and smooth conversation. You can have a sofa and two accent chairs around a coffee table. You can even include a storage ottoman that doubles as extra seating space. 

Strike a balance

Balance is key to decorating any room. To get it right for your living room, keep in mind the sizes and shapes of your furniture. As obvious as this may sound, avoid grouping together your larger furniture with other large pieces, and the same for your smaller elements. The space will otherwise look slightly lopsided and uneven. We also suggest incorporating different shapes and patterns to break up monotony. 


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