What to know when buying a recliner lounge

The ideal recliner lounge offers comfort and increases the functionality of your space. Quality and construction are important when choosing your perfect recliner lounge to ensure that you get the best option for your lifestyle.

Here’s what to do when buying your recliner lounge.

Match it with your body

You’re the primary user of the recliner lounge, so it should be just right for your body size. Don’t choose something that is too long or too short for you as it won’t give you the comfort you’re after. Generally, you should be able to easily rest your head on the headrest without hurting your neck. 

Get the measurements right 

Measure the space where your recliner lounge will live. This is to ensure that it will fit seamlessly without looking too chunky. You also don’t want it to eat up the floor space when fully reclined. With the right size, your recliner lounge won’t interfere with the other furniture and will leave you enough room to comfortably manoeuvre throughout your space. 

Check the quality of materials 

Buying any furniture is considered a long-term investment. So you should definitely choose a recliner lounge that will get you your money’s worth. Australian made furniture is guaranteed to be crafted from premium materials that make them durable and long lasting. You can be sure that your Australian made recliner lounge was made with top-quality materials and crafted with expert care.

Look through the style choices

You can get lost in the range of fabrics, colours and materials available when buying a recliner lounge. It’s really all up to your style preferences, and how your choice will fit with the overall aesthetic of your space. For something a bit more classic, leather recliner lounges never go out of style.

Find the most comfortable recliner lounge today!

Berkowitz products are full of timeless elegance and functionality without sacrificing comfort. Look through our collection for the finest and most comfortable recliners, couches and leather lounges in Sydney, sure to be a smart and stylish addition to your living room. We guarantee quality in our Australian made furniture, so you can rest assured that our products are built with quality in mind. 

You can visit the nearest Berkowitz showroom or call our office on 9763 9977 for more information.



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