Give your living room a vivid look with accent chairs

An accent chair is a great way to add colour and personality to your living room and give the space a fresh new look. 

While you may not want to pick a statement style for your couch, with accent chairs you can be brave and have fun with the style, choosing a design that instantly elevates your living room. 

Whether you’re looking to buy dining chairs or fabric chairs for your living room, an accent chair can lift a space and make a great addition to any home. 

Contemporary and classic styles

Consider the overall style of your living room before buying an accent chair. Think about the current furniture and decor in the space and how your accent chair will fit in, and its impact on the room. 

Leather chairs can look both modern and traditional, depending on the design. Leather accent chairs provide a timeless style that will only get better with age, giving your living room a sophisticated edge. 

Fabric chairs make your living room more comfortable and inviting. Create a cosy corner with a comfy fabric chair that you can snuggle up in. A fabric in a fun colour will ensure your new chair makes a statement within the room and choosing a high-quality fabric will also help ensure your accent chair is durable and will maintain its shape and appearance for years. 

With contemporary and classic styles, you can find the perfect chair to suit your home, no matter the interior aesthetic. 

An accent chair can provide contrast

Your accent chair doesn’t need to match your sofa. This can depend on your personal preference, but feel free to buy an accent chair that will create some contrast to your existing interior decor. 

A stylish leather or fabric chair can act as a focal point in the room, especially if you choose a design that contrasts with your sofa. Bright colours will ensure your new accent chair makes a statement, while soft, neutral hues can easily mix in with your existing colour palette. 

Consider material options when you buy furniture online, as you can create a layered look in your home by combining different textures. To create contrast while still achieving a cohesive look and feel, choose a different style but the same material, or a different colour but the same style. 

With various designs, colours, and fabrics available, you can buy an accent chair that reflects your style. 

Versatile seating

A versatile piece of furniture, an accent chair makes a great addition to any living room. As well as a style update, it also provides additional functionality with more seating options. 

An accent chair can be moved where it’s needed. It doesn’t need to stay in one spot within your home but can work in various spaces within your home. If you pick a neutral fabric, you’ll be able to move the chair anywhere in your house for additional seating without impacting the style. 

Placed in the entrance, an accent chair can give you somewhere to sit when putting your shoes on, or if you have guests over, an accent chair ensures everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit. As well as accent chairs for your living room, you may also want to buy dining chairs that add some pizazz. 

With a great range of fabric armchairs and leather dining chairs, we have seating that is sure to add some style to any room in your home. Shop our collections online now. 



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