Why Investing in a Sofa Bed is Important for Apartment Living

For most of us, wherever we live, space is going to be an issue. We have learned to use all the space we have, and then some. Just look at the number of storage places as proof of that. Now, as apartment living rises in popularity and we physically have less space, making the most of it becomes very important… And that’s where sofa beds come in.

Sofa Beds have been around since the early 1900’s and it’s fair to say they have not always been a joy to sleep on. However, in the past few decades, technology has come a long way, and now it’s pretty easy to find a Sofa Bed that both looks good and is great to sleep on. Pop in to your local Berkowitz Furniture store to see examples of what we mean.

You might be thinking that a Sofa Bed is just for guests, but there are more reasons to choose one than having something for your guests to sleep on.

Small Apartments

If you’re in a studio apartment, an actual bed takes up a lot of space. While your friends and visitors understand the concept of a studio apartment means the bedroom and the lounge are the same, it would be great if they could sit of a sofa when they visit instead of a bed… Choose something like the Balmain Sofa Bed from Berkowitz, with its sleek roll out mechanism, and your lounge transforms to a bedroom with ease… then after your guests have gone, you’re sleeping on a bed with a slat base and pocket spring cushions.

Choice in how to use your Space

Sofa Beds are not just for small apartments and guests… A Berkowitz Sofa Bed is also for YOUR convenience. For instance, if you have a 2-bedroom apartment and that second bedroom has a traditional bed in it, you can’t use if for much else, the bed will take up most of the space. However, that second bedroom could be a home office, a yoga studio, a hobby room. Pop a 2-Seater Sofa Bed in your second room and all of a sudden you have more control about what to do in that space. It can still be the place guests stay, but you can also use it how you want to… and after all, it is your apartment, right?

Style and Function

Once upon a time there wasn’t a lot of choice with Sofa Beds, but times have most definitely changed. Take a look at the Mosman Sofabed from Berkowitz as an example. It looks like a classically stylish sofa, which is it. Just like when buying a good quality sofa, you’ll have a choice of fabric colours to choose from… and the bonus is it easily opens to reveal a bed with no sag springs and a memory foam mattress. It could be more comfortable than your actual bed… and it looks pretty!

Movie Nights and Binge-Watching TV

Who doesn’t love a good movie night, or binge-watching 6 episodes of the latest show everyone is talking about? You could do that from your couch, or you could level up your comfort by converting your sofa bed and watching TV in luxury. Think of it as the gold class of home movie nights. Use your pull out sofa bed, grab some popcorn and your doona and you’re set for some very comfortable viewing.

Cost Effective

This is easy, you could buy a bed and a sofa, or you could buy a sofa bed. Not only is it likely the second option saves money, it also gives you more versatility of how you use your space. In the bigger picture, maybe that means you only need a 1 bed apartment instead of 2… that really is cost effective.

With apartment living, space is always going to be a premium and choosing a good sofa bed will help you do that. It’s not just about somewhere for someone else to sleep, it’s about helping you make the most of apartment life.

Explore our range of quality sofa beds and make the most of your space today to discover the perfect fit for your home.



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