Where Can I Buy Comfortable And Unique Furniture In Adelaide?

If you are on the hunt for a unique item of furniture to add to your collection, Berkowitz Adelaide has a host of pieces available in a number of options and styles. Whether you’re looking for comfortable, bespoke leather lounges or a coffee table that’ll be the centre of attention, we can help you find the perfect piece to compliment your space. Below are some examples of the unique furniture you can find at Berkowitz.


Stressless Wing Recliner

Experience a classic combination of comfort and style with the Wing recliner chair by Stressless. In addition to supreme comfort, the subtle winged curve at the head of the chair and unusual base offers your space a modern look.

The Wing gives the user a true Stressless sitting experience that will have all of your guests asking where you bought it. 

The Wing recliner chair by Stressless comes in a huge range of fabric and leathers as well as a classic or signature base.



Don’t be fooled by the modest design of the Miami lounge, this suite of lounge furniture offers levels of comfort and style that are unmatched by pricier competitors. In addition to absolute comfort, the Miami chair and lounges come with a high backed design and electric reclining motion.

The Miami is available in a range of sizes, as well as a number of colour options so that you can make this piece uniquely yours.


Customisable Canyon Sofa

As purveyors of quality furniture, we understand that you might require a custom piece of furniture to fit your personal needs, room dimensions or simply add a unique quality to your collection. 

At Berkowitz, we offer a number of customisable pieces of furniture to fit your requirements, such as the range of  Canyon lounge furniture. The Canyon range is Australian made and can be manufactured to fit your custom requirements – just bring your measurements into one of our showrooms for a quote!


Home Decor

If a new piece of furniture isn’t what you’re looking for, perhaps some home decor could achieve the style you are searching for. Introducing different patterns, textures and colours into your space can help add an individual feel to your home.

Berkowitz has an excellent selection of on-trend home decor to help you complete your unique look. The range includes cushions, mirrors, rugs and wall art.


Begin your search for comfortable and unique furniture at Berkowitz. The team of furniture specialists at Berkowitz Adelaide can help you find the perfect piece to complete your collection. Visit our showroom today! Not located in Adelaide? Find a showroom near you.



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