What To Consider When Getting New Dining Tables and Chairs

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or simply want to replace your old dining table and chairs, there are a few things you will need to consider before you buy a new set. These considerations will affect things such as design, comfort, space and value. Below we will help you identify exactly what considerations you need to make when buying and setting up your new dining table and chairs.


What furniture is usually found in a dining room?

A set of dining table and chairs are necessities for a dining room, other furniture is optional and dependent on the space you have available.

  • A Dining Table
  • Dining Chairs
  • Sideboard or Buffet
  • Crockery or Showcase Cabinet
  • A Sofa or TV (space permitting)


What shape and size dining table do I need?

The size of your table will depend on the space you have available, how many people you need to seat and other personal preferences. As for the shape of your dining table here are our suggestions:

  • If you have a large dining room, rectangular or elongated oval shaped tables will suit your space best.
  • If your dining room is smaller in size or open plan, square or round shaped tables will fit well in your space.
  • Need a combination? Extendable dining tables are also available in a number of designs to suit your space and requirements. These are great if you suddenly need to accommodate extra guests or simply need more table space.



At Berkowitz Furniture, we have a great range of Australian made dining tables in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our Jarrah dining table is a beautiful example of a rectangular shaped table that’s crafted here in Australia. The Jarrah dining table is also available with comfortable matching chairs. Our range of dining tables also includes charming round designs to suit your cozier dining spaces.


Jarrah dining table

How to match dining table and chairs

There are usually a number of options available when choosing your dining table and chairs. You may opt for a full dining room set, creating a cohesive dining experience with your matching table and chairs. Or you might mix and match styles to form a collected look that uniquely complements your interior decor. The choice is completely yours!

When choosing your dining chairs, ensure they allow enough room to fit under the table, move backward and leave adequate room between guests.


How much space for dining table and chairs?

To avoid crowding and ensure an efficient and functional dining room, you will need to consider the amount of room required around the table and between each seat. These considerations ensure that people can comfortably be seated at the table without bumping elbows and also allow for access to and passage around the table. Also, consider personal needs such as accommodating the use of a wheelchair or walking frame.

Here are some suggested clearances for your dining area:

  • If you have a large dining room, allow for at least 1m (approx.) around the perimeter of the table. This will allow guests to walk by the table comfortably. 
  • If your dining space is a tad cozier, you may only have room for guests to edge past other people’s chairs. In this case, you could aim for a clearance space of 80-90 centimetres.
  • If you have other furniture lining the room try leaving a minimum of 4 feet (120cm) from the cabinet/buffet/sideboard to the table. This allows for chairs to be pulled back and is also a good amount of room if you need to serve people from behind their chairs.
  • Try to provide each guest seated at the table with approx. 2 feet (60cm) of space per person.


Where to buy dining table sets?

At Berkowitz Furniture, our collections of dining furniture, including dining tables and chairs, will be sure to catch your eye! We have all of your dining room furniture needs covered, including tables, chairs, extension tables and kitchen barstools. We take great pride in the fact that we can design and manufacture our dining tables and chairs in Australia. With the Australian made furniture from Berkowitz, you can guarantee that you are receiving a quality made piece of furniture every time. We also have a stunning range of rugs, mirrors and other home decors to complement our beautiful range of furniture. 

Browse the range online today or visit our showroom.



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