Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa

Picking the right sofa for your home is really important because this piece of furniture is essentially the anchor point of the living room arrangement. To give you, your family and your guests the most comfortable and relaxing lounge room experience, here are some tips to follow when you’re deciding which sofa is the best fit for your home.  

Analyse the available space

Styling your living room with the correct sofa is all about taking into consideration the amount of space available. Similarly, you need to decide how much space you want the sofa to take up. Are you going to incorporate a couple of couches or a coffee table into the arrangement too? How much space do you want to keep open and vacant? An effective way to answer these questions is to take into account the room’s measurements. 

Decide the orientation

The living room is the lifestyle hub of the home, so the sofa should accommodate the activities you typically use the room for. If you spend a lot of time watching TV, we suggest facing the sofa towards it if you can do so without compromising the overall appearance of the room. If you frequently invite people over, place the sofa in a position that opens up into the space. This inviting layout is the perfect configuration for social hangouts. The sofa you choose should be flexible enough to support different activities as needed, whether it be individually or as a bigger group.

Determine which shape suits the room best

Different shapes suit different rooms best. If you have a small space, an L-shaped sofa is a great choice. If you want something functional for a casual gathering, a sofa with a rounder shape can work fantastically. If you want something that can double as a space for naps or for cosy movie nights, a sofa with a chaise or daybed can be a great choice too. 


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