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Things to know before buying a dining table set

The centrepiece of the room, your dining table set influences the mood and tone of the space, as well as the dining experience.

As a place to gather, your dining table often sits in the heart of your home, so you want to ensure you buy the perfect one, which is why you should not make your decision without careful consideration of what you need from your dining table set.

What shape and size fits your dining space

Dining tables come in a few different shapes, from round to rectangular to square, and are available in a wide range of sizes. Before buying a dining table set, it is crucial to first measure your dining space and consider what size and shape best suits the layout of the room.

Do you have a large dining room, or just a small corner in the kitchen? Check the dimensions of the dining table set to ensure it’ll fit your dining space, even with the chairs pulled out. Some dining chairs may take up more space than others, so make sure to include those in your measurements, not just the table.

The corners of square and rectangular tables can take up more space, so if you want a good amount of surface space but have a smaller dining area, a round dining table may be a good option.

You don’t want to squeeze a dining table set into a space that is too small. You need the right amount of empty space around the perimeter of the table and chairs, so that you’re able to pull chairs out without any obstacles. You also want room for guests to sit comfortably without knocking elbows with the person next to them.

Consider the benefits of certain table shapes. Round tables allow everyone to easily converse, as you’re not seated as far away from each other. Rectangular tables work better if you have a narrow space, or entertain large groups. A square table allows you to maximise space in a small dining area.

While your dining table and chairs must physically fit within your dining space, you should also consider visual weight. Thick, heavy wooden sets can feel overwhelming in small spaces, while a glass top table can make a room feel more spacious or brighten up a dark room.

What are your seating requirements

Before buying a dining table set, you need to know how many chairs you need, as well as what type of seating you want.

The purpose of your dining table can impact your seating requirements. Whether you regularly entertain guests or just enjoy small family meals, think about the number of people needed to seat. Dining table sets are often available with chairs in sets of four to ten. You may want to get the exact number of chairs you need, or perhaps you want extra chairs for when you’re entertaining guests.

Another factor to think about is whether you want single chairs or bench seats, or a combination of both. Bench seats are ideal when you have a small space as they can easily be tucked away. You may also be able to fit more people on a bench seat.

Comfort of chairs is a key consideration. No matter how beautiful they may be, you don’t want to invest in uncomfortable dining chairs. It’s good to test out the comfort levels of different materials before buying a dining set. Fabric covered dining chairs can offer more comfort, though keep in mind that some fabrics may be harder to clean than others. Wooden seats are stylish and easy to clean, however, make sure they’ll be comfortable to sit on.

Also check the stability of your seating. There’s nothing more annoying than a chair that wobbles while you’re eating, or trying to concentrate on a high-stakes board game, so make sure to buy sturdy dining chairs.

When picking out your dining chairs, you can also choose chairs with or without arms. It can be nice to have a spot to rest your arms, however, keep in mind that chairs with arms can take up more space, as you may not be able to tuck them away as easily.

What style suits your home

Dining table sets come with a wide range of design features, and can be made using a variety of materials including wood, glass and metal. A dining table is a key piece of furniture and will act as a focal point, so consider what suits your home aesthetic.

Glass top dining tables can have a more modern and contemporary look, while wooden tables can look more classic and timeless, and dining table sets with metal features can give your dining space a more contemporary appearance.

A matching table and chair set can create a cohesive theme with your furniture, or if you want to mix it up a bit, you could also choose the table and chairs separately, or buy some mismatched chairs as a set to create a unique look.

You want to invest in a dining table set that works with your dining room and overall home aesthetic. Whether you have contemporary or classic home style, look at dining sets that will compliment your interior style.

What are your lifestyle needs

Before buying a dining table set, think about how you dine. Do you want a casual dining place to enjoy your morning coffee, or an elegant space for hosting formal dinners? Think about whether you eat every meal at your dining table, or if it will just be a place for family dinners.

A dining table can be used for multiple purposes, so it’s good to think about the various ways you will use your dining table. If it is also a place where you work or children do homework, then a large surface space may be necessary. Or, if you enjoy games and crafts, a round table can make these activities better for social groups.

The materials your dining set is made from can also impact durability and appearance. Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance when shopping for dining sets. Wooden dining sets can be durable and stylish, and generally age well, however glass dining tables can be easier to keep clean. Fabric covered dining chairs may also require more care and maintenance compared with metal or wooden chairs.

If you have small children running around, you should consider whether it’s suitable to have a table with harsh edges or a delicate glass top. You may prefer a round wooden table.

Consider what type of dining table set best suits your needs as well as your interior style. With such a wide range of designs available, you’re sure to find a dining set you love, though be sure to do some research first, to ensure you buy the perfect one.

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