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The Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture in Your Living Space

Ergonomic furniture typically refers to furniture meant to improve comfort, posture and general health.


Ergonomic fixtures and accessories can take various forms and provide various benefits depending on the features they contain. There are several styles on the market these days that are highly appealing, both aesthetically and functionally. Of course, visual appeal isn’t the only reason to invest in ergonomic furniture for your living space, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


Our Stressless furniture range offered at Berkowitz is a prime example of ergonomic furniture that is sleek, modern and health-inducing.


We are ambassadors of ergonomic furniture for every person, no matter their age or physical ability. Our line of comfort-conscious chairs and couches have a wide range of advantages, including the following:


  • Provides Muscular Support: Ergonomic furniture is specially designed to support your muscles so that you don’t end up sore from sitting. It is reinforced in all the right places to guarantee that you do not end up straining or overusing any part of the body while in the furniture.


  • Improves Posture:Too much time sitting can permanently hinder posture if you’re not careful. Unlike many chairs and sofas, ergonomic fixtures pay attention to natural curvature of the back for ultimate spinal health and optimal stature.


  • Minimises Aches and Pains: Don’t subject yourself to pain by trying to watch tv, read or use your phone while sitting in a chair not conducive to these activities. Instead, rely on an ergonomic chair or lounge suite to reduce your chances of a pinched nerve, tweaked neck, sore back or other injury.


  • Supports Bone Health: Most ergonomic furniture is made to balance your centre of gravity rather than placing all of your weight on your most vulnerable bones and joints. This means less stress on your spine, hips and areas that are highly susceptible to injury.


  • Reduces Stress: Not all stress is instigated by thoughts and mental anxieties. Physical stress is also a large detriment in contemporary culture and can greatly influence mental health. Ergonomic furniture can help reduce risk of physical stress, which is beneficial for overall wellbeing.


  • Increases Comfort: Every homeowner deserves to feel comfortable in their space, whether you are sitting with friends or enjoying a quiet and relaxing night alone. Ergonomic furniture is an easy and accessible way to improve your domestic comfort and love your living space.


  • Adapts to Various Situations: Have you ever had trouble turning around to speak to someone while sitting or getting up off of an overly plush couch? Have you experienced shoulder soreness from trying to use a computer while sitting in a chair that’s too low or leg soreness from sitting in a chair that’s too high for your legs to comfortably reach the ground? Ergonomic furniture addresses all these issues and more by offering customisable support.


  • Can Enhance Sleep: Chronic musculoskeletal pain can greatly impact sleep for the worse, and uncomfortable furniture is an easy way to develop this pain. Take solace in the fact that ergonomic furniture facilitates the physical maintenance necessary to limit spinal or muscular pressure, thus limiting your chances of discomfort and ensuring you receive a good night’s sleep.


At Berkowitz Furniture, we offer a full range of Stressless furniture designed with your ultimate comfort and wellbeing in mind. Our collection includes sofas, recliners and footstools featuring our trademark timeless design and luxury fabrics.


What sets this collection apart is that each item within it prioritises the physical health of the user above all else. If you think you could benefit from the addition of ergonomic furniture in your living space, we are the supplier for you. Contact Berkowitz today for more information about our Stressless furniture range.



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