How to Select the Right Lift Chair

Selecting the right lift chair is, at the best of times, a trying challenge that all too often we wish would have a little clarification. With the market constantly evolving and diversifying, it can be hard to make a choice that suits all of your needs. Berkowitz furniture offers a wide range of electric chairs, lift chairs and electric recliner lift chairs, made for comfort and accessibility, but also as worthy additions to your living room.  It all depends on what you’re looking for.


Different Kinds of Lift Chairs

Available in both leather and fabric, Berkowitz offers two electric lift chairs that have some slight, but important, differences. The Brando Lift and the Chelsea Lift are similar in appearance and purpose, but in terms of dimensions, price and suitability to specific homes, it’s important to pay attention to the details.


Brando Lift

To start off with, the Brando Lift chair comes in two sizes, the Standard (84cm (W) x 90cm (D) x 106cm (H)) and the Large (84cm (W) x 90cm (D) x 106cm (H)). This shows that the Large version only differs by 4cm in width. This could mean the difference between a little more room on each side, or the snug envelopment of a soft couch that we all seem to appreciate. These chairs also come in the option of fabric and leather.


Chelsea Lift

On the other side of the coin is the Chelsea lift, a similarly simple lift chair that is also offered in fabric and leather. The Chelsea Lift comes in with dimensions of 84cm wide, 86cm deep and 100cm high. The Chelsea Large Lift comes in with 90x88x102cm.  While the Brando Lift is a standard lift chair, it heroes’ accessibility over aesthetics, though is still a studio and accessibility branded chair. The Chelsea Lift offers sleeker lines and a tighter overall design that speaks to the Scandinavian inspiration behind the chair range. In essence, the choice of the Brando over the Chelsea would come down to cosmetic appearance, as both have the capabilities of the other. If you want a lift chair that exclusively does what it is meant to do, the Brando chair is perfect. If you want a chair that fulfils its purpose and your closeted interior designer, the Chelsea chair is the suaver option.


Alternatively consider a Relaxer Chair
– Great for Ergonomic Support


Brando Relaxer

Moving from lift chairs to electric recliner chairs, Berkowitz furniture again provides a range that is suited to multiple types of people. The Brando Relaxer Lift chair offers gliding, swivelling and reclining functions, with leather and fabric options, as well as electric or battery back-up power options. In its fabric form, it’s a delightfully comfortable looking chair that would fit in well with any loungeroom, and would no doubt be the sought-after seat. Coming in standard (820mm (W) x 910mm (D) x 1010mm (H)) and large (870mm (W) x 910mm (D) x 1060mm (H)) sizes, the Brando Relaxer has all the capabilities of a lift, recliner and swivel chair, with added bonus of looking ergonomically irresistible.


Chelsea Relaxer

Enter the Chelsea Relaxer. Again, the Chelsea design offers a tighter and smoother looking chair that would fit in with a more modern living area, but it still offers the same functions as the Brando rival. What should be noted is the Chelsea Relaxer comes as a simple relaxer, a single motor lift chair or as a multi-function chair, again available in fabric and leather.


Berkowitz has a range for everyone, and both the Brando and Chelsea Lift chairs have rock solid yet discreet lift functions. The Brando and Chelsea Relaxers simultaneously offer great lumbar support, durability and comfort. What it comes down to is personal choice, and only a buyer will know what will suit their home, their family, their needs.

So, when trying to select the right lift chair, it’s important to look at the place that has the range and availability for you. Berkowitz furniture is the all too perfectly shaken not stirred cocktail of stylish and supportive chairs, diverse in range and function!



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