How To Keep Your Fabric Sofa Fresher For Longer

Nothing sits better than a brand new sofa purchase, even if it’s just the idea of it. As a new lounge suite owner, though, you want to ensure that your sofa stays clean and fresh for as long as possible; enabling you to enjoy it fully without feeling embarrassed about a muddy stain or last week’s dinner evidence.

It’s inevitable that your sofa will get dirty over time and perhaps even endure a few stretches, not to mention the unfortunate tear or pull of a thread from a sharp object getting stuck on the fabric. However, there are ways in which you maintain your fabric sofa without having to spend a fortune or go way beyond what is required. Here’s how:


1.       Keep away from direct sunlight.

As damaging as the sun is to your skin, so can the colour of your fabric lounge suite fade and look older than it should. Always keep away from direct sunlight when choosing the best place for it in your home; ensuring that you have adequate window blinds or curtains for locations where the sunlight tends to be quite harsh. If not, you could end up having to reupholster your fabric sofa before its time is up.


2.       Choose a machine washable throw.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Never underestimate the intelligence of your pets. The minute you leave home, they’ll find a warm, cosy spot on your couch to lay on until you return – pretending as if nothing happened. Which is why it’s always a great idea to add a machine washable throw over your fabric lounge suite to protect the fabric from stains and pet hair.


3.       Vacuum regularly with a suitable attachment.

Figuring out how to maintain your fabric sofa is as easy as ensuring regular vacuuming on a weekly basis, using an upholstery attachment on a low suction. This will enable you to find crumbs and debris in between the cushions and keep dust away. Remember, the better you’re able to take care of your fabric sofa, the longer you’ll be able to use it.


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4.       Always lift from the base.

There will come a point when you’d have to move your fabric sofa for whatever reason. Never push, pull, or lift your sofa by the cushions attached to the frame. Always lift it by the frame itself in order to avoid damage to any part of your fabric sofa.


5.       Avoid sitting on the armrests.

Armrests were made for resting your arms not your whole body. They don’t have the capacity to endure your full weight, which is why it’s important to never use the armrests of your fabric sofa as a resting place for your butt. Instead, sit where it’s comfortable and maintain your fabric lounge for longer.


6.       Swap cushions on a regular basis.

As creatures of habit, we tend to sit in the same spot on a regular basis, causing the one side of the couch to become more worn down than the other side. Swap and puff up your cushions on a regular basis in order to find their original form and keep them fresher for longer.


7.       Never eat on the couch.

Lastly, in order to know how to protect your sofa from stains or find ways on how to keep your fabric sofa clean, it’s important to avoid getting food near your sofa in the first place. Instead, choose to eat at the dining room table and avoid a messy spill if something goes wrong.


Learning how to maintain your fabric sofa is as simple as following the above-mentioned tips; ensuring that you’re able to keep your fabric lounge suite fresher for longer. As important as it is to expand the lifespan of your sofa, it’s also necessary to remember to enjoy your furniture. After all, you worked hard enough during the day not let your hair down and put your feet up if you wish to do so.

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