How to compliment a recliner chair with your sofa

Furnishing your home involves a lot of time and consideration to find the right furniture and decor pieces to create the home environment you want.

Your choice of seating can have a big impact on the look and feel of the room and your home overall. When looking at quality sofas and lounge chairs, there are numerous designs and styles to choose from. Recliners have made a comeback in recent years, with more and more people adding them to their homes.

If you’re wanting to add a recliner chair to the mix, consider how to choose the right style to complement your existing furniture and decor.

Choosing a recliner chair

The ultimate in comfort, there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing in your recliner chair. Sleek and stylish, recliners have become a more modern choice for the home, but when it comes to choosing a style that compliments your sofa, it’s a personal choice whether you want a matching set or not.

Matching your sofa and chairs can be an easy option, and if you fall in love with a particular style, there’s no reason you can’t buy numerous pieces of furniture from the same collection. Though, while for some, matching your furniture may be a true reflection of your style, for others this can make your home feel like a showroom, and may not reflect your taste.

If you like a matchy-matchy look, then go for it, but if you’re wanting to add a little more personality to your home, look at fabric or leather sofa recliners that have a unique look.

Create a cohesive spacemany leather lounges can

Mixing your furniture can help you create a unique space, though you still want your sofa and recliner to complement each other to achieve your dream aesthetic. You don’t need to perfectly match your recliner chair with your sofa, though you may want to create cohesion within the space to ensure a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. 

As well as your sofa, consider other furniture and decor elements in the room, to help you choose the right recliner chair. 

When mixing and matching furniture consider factors such as the height and depth of the furniture, colour, style, shape and fabrics. Choose one or two elements to match and then give yourself freedom with the other features. This will keep your interior style looking cohesive, without everything completely matching. 

Picking one specific decor style can help you narrow down your options and choose pieces of furniture that will work within your space. Whether you like a minimal, modern, or classic aesthetic, there are many leather lounges that can suit your preferred style. If you want to create a cosy and warm space, you may prefer to look at fabric chairs. 

Decide on a colour palette for each space in your home, and pick a few hues you love that work well together. This can help make it easier to pick out new pieces of furniture that will fit seamlessly with your existing style. 

When furnishing your home, buy quality furniture. Any furniture you bring into your home, you want to last for years. Sofa and reclining chairs are investments for your home, so buy the best quality you can. Consider overall comfort. While you may love a particular style, above all else you want your home to be comfortable, and choosing comfortable seating is crucial. 

Mixing and matching your sofa and recliner allows you to be creative with your interior style. You can create a style specific to you and the home style you prefer. With a range of quality sofas and lounges from premium brands such as Moran furniture, Berkowitz has all you need to furnish your home.



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