Factors to Consider when Buying a Sofa Bed

Are you setting up a new apartment or are you just looking for something fresh and new for your living room? Either way, a good sofa bed is a great place to start for a cool home transformation.

If you’re excited to be able to host your guests for the night, a sofa bed is a great investment. You shouldn’t skimp on your sofa bed purchase- the comfort of your guests should be your top priority.

For a comfortable and stylish sofa bed, here’s what to look out for!

Mattress quality

As with choosing a bed, the mattress quality of your prospective sofa bed should be considered first and foremost. If the mattress is too flimsy or clumpy, your guest will likely struggle to sleep. There are typically 3 types of mattresses to choose from: inner spring, foam and memory foam. Don’t be afraid to test out the mattress! In an ideal world, the mattress should be soft enough for all-night comfort but firm enough so you don’t sink into the cushions.

Ease of use

Can you easily transform the sofa into a bed, or are there parts you have to move around to successfully lay it down? When choosing sofa beds, consider how quick and easy it will be to assemble. You want maneuverability and for it to have a discreet design that can blend seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Overall quality and sturdiness

The sturdier the frame, the longer your sofa bed will last. For durability and premium quality, an Australian made sofa bed is the best choice. If your sofa bed aligns with Australian standards, you can rest assured knowing that the product has been crafted from the best material and built to last.

Find the most comfortable sofa bed in Melbourne.

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