Easy Guide for Buying a Sofa

There’s nothing quite like melting into your sofa after a hard day of work. It’s such a versatile household piece of furniture, where you can read, eat, drink, nap or watch TV with friends and family. No wonder choosing a sofa is a decision that requires lots of thought and careful consideration. 

For a seamless process, here’s what we suggest when choosing a sofa you can enjoy for years to come.

Pick a type

There are many types of sofas, but they generally fall under 4 common categories.

  • Traditional: standard 3-seater
  • Sectional: divided into sections that can then be arranged as per your preference
  • Sleeper or convertible: ideal for those without a proper guest room as it can double as a bed
  • Loveseat: 2-seater that is ideal for small apartment spaces

Before settling on a choice, we suggest measuring your space so that you can make sure that the sofa you choose fits well into the designated area. 

Pick a style

Next, you need to choose the style. There are practically unlimited sofa styles, but the major ones are the following:

  • Midcentury: has clean lines, sturdy back support and the quintessential rectangular shape from the 1960s
  • Camelback: with a curved back, resembling a camel’s hump, and typically with bare legs and high rolled arms
  • English roll arm: low with tucked arms, and ideal for deep seating
  • Tuxedo: boxy form with back and arms in uniform height
  • Chesterfield: rolled arms the same height as the back, with tufted accents that make it cosy and inviting
  • Lawson: sleek lines and with arms that go halfway down from the back cushions

Check the sofa’s construction

Aside from the cushiness of the sofa, you should also be aware of the sturdiness of its frame, the reliability of its joints, the comfort the suspensions provide, as well as the durability of the upholstery. Make sure each component is of high quality so that your sofa will be able to withstand daily wear and tear, letting it last a lifetime.


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