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Many people spend a lot of time sitting for work, so buying a high quality office chair should be a priority when setting up your office space.

Comfort and functionality are key considerations for creating the right work set up, to offer support while you focus on your work. If you’re looking for stylish office chairs in Melbourne, at Berkowitz Furniture, we have a great range available.


Style meets ergonomic support

Our stylish range of leather office chairs make it easy for you to upgrade your workspace. Whether you favour a modern or traditional work space, we have a collection of high quality office chairs to suit any working style.

Leather office chairs can give a luxurious feel to a workspace or meeting room. With office chairs available in a range of colour options, from classic black or brown leather to modern hues including white and grey, or even a bold red, you’ll find something to suit all style preferences.

As well as choosing a style you like, when shopping for office chairs for sale, comfort is key. Getting an ergonomic office chair is essential, as having the right support will help you maintain good sitting posture, prevent aches and pains and improve blood flow.

Sitting for hours on end is not good for us, which is why having the most comfortable and supportive chair possible is essential for anyone sitting at a desk all day. If your chair is uncomfortable, as well as being bad for your body, it can also negatively impact productivity.


Buying a high quality office chair

Our office chairs have a range of features including a tilt and swivel function, adjustable chair height and armrests and the option of a classic base or wheels.

Choosing an adjustable office chair means you can have it perfectly positioned to suit your needs. You can adjust the seating to create a comfortable position, while the armrests provide support for your arms and can be adjusted to the preferred height to ensure your shoulders are relaxed while in a seated position. And, don’t forget to make sure to choose an office chair to fit the dimensions of your workspace, to ensure maximum comfort.

At Berkowitz Furniture, we have a great range of office chairs for sale, so you can set up a comfortable and stylish workspace.



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