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Check The Fit before Purchasing New Furniture

Buying new furniture can be fun and exciting, and you just can’t wait to get it inside your home. You have picked the colour, selected the style, made the purchase, and you’re ready to see your updated living room come together. But wait… Have you checked that your beautiful new apiece of furniture fits in your space?

Measuring your space

Before you even begin selecting a piece of quality furniture, you must take some time to determine how much space you have available. Be sure to measure every dimension before heading off to order your furniture. Measure not only the length and width of your space, but also the depth and height. Will your new table be the right height for your chairs? Will your new sofa jut out into the walkway? It is integral that you come prepared with all relevant measurements before purchasing a new piece of furniture. If you have pre-selected your furniture online or after a little window shopping, it can be a great idea to lay out newspaper in the shape of the furniture on the floor. This will give you an idea of how much floor space the piece will take up. Also take note of how close it will be to other pieces of furniture and whether or not it will block pathways or door frames.

Measuring your doorways

Now you know how much space you have to put your item, you need to check if you can get it inside the house. There’s nothing more frustrating that having your beautiful new piece get right to your door without a way to get it inside. Measure the height and width of your doorway before purchasing furniture to ensure you can bring it safely inside. If you are purchasing furniture for the upstairs storey of your home, you will also need to measure the staircase. Check the width of the staircase, paying special attention if it has a corner.

You will also need to consider your parking arrangements and whether the furniture will be able to easily pass through your garage or through your apartment complex in order to make it to your front door. If you are getting furniture delivered, you will need to notify the delivery team of any issues you may anticipate, and be sure to measure any doorways, staircases, garages and corridors as listed above. Consider if your furniture needs to go up or down multiple flights of stairs, let our staff know in advance so our delivery people can be prepared.

Considering shapes

Once you have the necessary measurements down, you will also need to consider the shape of your furniture piece. Pieces like tables and dining room chairs may be able to be easily maneuvered in and around doorways and through corridors. Items like sofas, drawers, and cabinets, however, will be more difficult to move through tight spaces. Be sure to measure every dimension of your new furniture and your doorways and corridors to ensure an easy and straightforward delivery!

If you have any further concerns about the size of your furniture, or questions for the delivery team, please speak to our friendly staff in advance.



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