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How To Keep Your Fabric Sofa Fresher For Longer

Nothing sits better than a brand new sofa purchase, even if it’s just the idea of it. As a new lounge suite owner, though, you want to ensure that your sofa stays clean and fresh for as long as possible; enabling you to enjoy it fully without feeling embarrassed about…
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15 Tips For Taking Care Of Fabric Lounges

Maintaining and caring for your fabric lounge chairs shouldn’t be a mission all on its own. In fact, it can be as quick and simple as you want it to be by staying on top of your cleaning habits. However, there are certain tips to follow on how to clean…
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10 Important Leather Chair Maintenance Tips

Caring for your leather chairs will not only keep them in a quality condition for longer, but you’ll also be left with peace of mind that your leather chairs won’t be a sore eye and embarrassment in moments when you have company. Taking into consideration that leather chairs do tend…
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