Achieving the Scandinavian Look for Your Dining Room

The Scandinavian aesthetic is cool, relaxing and sophisticated, which makes it a great choice when designing a dining room. The Scandi feel gives off a quiet elegance that’s perfect for sharing meals or even just eating alone.

To help achieve the Scandinavian look, here are some tips to follow.

Using wooden furniture and accents

Wood is a must when it comes to the Scandinavian aesthetic. From the floors to the furniture, to bookcases and accent pieces, wood is the primary material to use. It adds a sense of cosiness and casual warmth that makes the space inviting.

Bright lighting

Scandi aesthetic makes use of a lot of natural light, so if you already have large mirrors, it’s going to work out great. You can also make use of floor lamps, pendant lights and table lamps to create a balanced lighting effect. Along with the use of wood, bright lighting pays homage to the Scandinavians’ design principle of incorporating nature. Scandinavians have a strong appreciation of natural elements, which is reflected in how they decorate their homes.

Declutter and simplify

Fundamentally, the Scandinavian aesthetic is a simple one. But it’s not quite minimalistic as it still makes use of pops of colour that usually imitates the palette of nature. The light and open spaces are meant to evoke calmness and clarity which is why it’s so important that clutter is minimised. Bold shapes can also be used to break up monotonous lines. A round dining table for instance, is a classic choice that can be the focal point of the dining room. 

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