5 Telltale Signs It’s Time For a New Couch

When it comes to choosing the perfect couch for your home, you need to ensure that lifestyle factors and décor styles are taken into consideration – knowing that you’ll be owning the same couch for many years still to come.

However, there comes a point in time when your couch has seen better days. You’ve made many wonderful memories together. You’ve laughed, possibly even cried together, and he’s always had your back in times when you simply needed to put your feet up. Is it time to part?

Keep the following tips in mind when it’s time for a new couch.

1. The edges are becoming frayed.

Wear and tear happen over a considerable period of time, which leaves you with the option of searching for a replacement whilst still enjoying your old couch. However, there’s nothing that screams ‘old’ more than frayed edges on a couch. It’s unsightly and you deserve better.

2. The cushions are becoming flat.

It’s important, through regular use, to swap the cushions on a regular basis in order to evenly distribute the wear and tear on the cushions. However, at some point, no amount of swapping will bring the life back into your once puffy couch. Thus, once you notice the cushions becoming flat, you can either choose to add extra stuffing or replace the couch completely.

3. The colours look dull.

By placing your couch close to a window, you may end up having to replace it quicker than expected. Remember, the sun can be extremely harsh and will result in colour loss. Depending on the type of fabric/material, such as leather, you may notice a few cracks on your leather couch accompanied with a toughness overall. Always stay clear of windows when choosing the best spot for your couch.

4. The couch is making noise

As we get older, we find it more difficult to bounce back – often making squeaky noises with strenuous movements. The same goes for your couch. If you start noticing your couch making funny noises the minute you sit down and stand up, it’s probably a good indication of needing a new couch. Give your trusty companion a break by finding a newer model.

5. The style is completely outdated.

What used to be stylish back then seems to be outdated in the here and now. By no means are we saying that you should purchase a brand new couch the minute a new décor style becomes fashionable, but using the exact style your grandmother had in her house growing up seems like a bit of a stretch. See what’s in style now and compare it to what’s standing in your living room. Chances are, your couch could do with a little bit of an upgrade.

Figuring out how often you should replace a sofa is completely up to the above-mentioned factors, your lifestyle, and style choices going forward. It’s inevitable that your couch will age with regular use. It’s a sign that you enjoyed its presence in your home, but at some point, you need to figure out whether you’re ready to move on and spend a little bit of money to either renovate it or find a brand new replacement.

At Berkowitz, we understand the love you have for your couch. The fond memories will always be there, but perhaps it’s time to embark on new adventures and make new memories with brand new fabric lounges available in Melbourne and Geelong?



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