5 Reasons Why Leather Sofas Are A Timeless Choice For Home Décor

As they say, your home is your castle, and it’s the one place where you should expect to be completely comfortable and relaxed. It’s your space and you should style it to suit yourself. That said, there are always choices to be made, and one of them is the type of furniture you have. Berkowitz Furniture knows all about these choices. Do you choose a reclining sofa or a 2-seater couch? Do you choose a corner sofa, or a fabric sofa, or have you always imagined yourself relaxing into a leather sofa?

Here are 5 reasons why leather sofas could be the exact thing you want in your home.


It’s true when you think of leather anything… you think of quality. Whether it’s a leather jacket, stylish shoes, or indeed your new couch, everyone knows leather equals quality. However, like anything there are varying grades (for want of a better term) of leather. Berkowitz Furniture offers high-quality leather across a range of sofas, lounge chairs and dining chairs. With quality comes durability and longevity and when you’re spending good money, you absolutely want both those things. Choosing high-quality leather will offer that.


It’s obvious that when choosing a new piece of furniture you want comfort, that’s a given. However, comfort over time is something else, and this is where leather comes into its own. Leather conditions over time, its supple texture can mould to your body making it more appealing than ever in terms of comfort and support. It stays cool in summer and warm in winter. The comfort of a leather sofa at home is always inviting.

Ease of Care

While it might be boring to think about the care of your furniture, it should always be a consideration. If you have a pristine home with high shine white furniture, and pets who love to run dirt inside, you’ll have to get used to cleaning a lot. Leather furniture is renowned for being easy to care for. A spill on a fabric sofa can sink in and stain very easily, whereas leather furniture is much easier to care for. Dabbing a spill with a dry cloth is recommended, and leather conditioner now and then is a good idea as well. Pet hair doesn’t get stuck into leather like it does with a fabric couch and generally wiping with a damp cloth is your quick and easy care guide for leather.


Due to the ease of care of leather furniture, it’s often cited as a good idea for people with allergies. Being able to easily wipe away pet hair, dust and allergens from the leather surface makes it a better and easier option for those with allergies, and let’s face it, no one wants furniture that makes them sneeze.


It’s undeniable that leather sofas are a status symbol. Walk into the lounge of someone who has a leather couch and you notice it straight away. If there’s a leather recliner in someone’s home, that’s the place you want to sit. A leather 3-seater sofa in an office tells you something about who you’re going to see. Historically, leather has always been a prestigious choice, it signifies sophistication and taste. While styles have evolved over time, the status remains, leather is associated with craftsmanship and elegance, and who doesn’t want that in their castle.

Whether it’s quality, comfort, ease of care, style, or status, leather has historically been and remains a sophisticated and stylish choice when it comes to lounge furniture. You will find a large range of options available at Berkowitz Furniture. From modern to classic styles, in an impressive colour range. Browse the leather furniture range online, or call at any Berkowitz store for experienced assistance.



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