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5 Furniture Arrangement Rules For Small Living Rooms

Working with small spaces can often be a challenge, but there is hope – especially if you’re unable to add extensions to your home or extra space where it’s desperately needed. Taking into consideration that you may have to get rid of a few furniture pieces and declutter your overall living space, following certain living room arrangement ideas can make your space seem more inviting.

Thus, when trying to figure out how to arrange furniture in a small living room, always keep the following tips nearby for success:

1. Create a focal point.

Choosing a focal point means that you’ll be arranging furniture around it, thus, you need to choose wisely in order to maintain your traffic flow and balance in the room. Whether your focal point is a large window or a certain blank wall, your focal point will be the inspiration for the rest of your living room arrangement idea.

2. Consider a comfortable traffic flow.

Creating flow throughout the room will ensure that it’s comfortable to be in – ensuring that you don’t trip over furniture or people in order to make your way into a different part of the room. Thus, always keep some distance between the coffee table and genuine leather sofa set, if you’re lucky enough to own one. Make it easy to move around in, not only for you but any possible guests who may visit.

3. Add furniture of different sizes.

Small spaces have the potential to look boring – adding a two piece couch set and a coffee table. However, there’s so much you can do with a small space that’ll spark a little bit of interest. One of which can be to add furniture of different sizes. Remember, each piece has a different height, depth and width – creating a different point of view from various angles.

4. Declutter your décor.

Not only is it important, but it’s crucial to get rid of any possible clutter, even if you don’t necessarily classify it as that. When choosing objects for your coffee table, keep it limited to one or two pieces. Keep lines clean and ensure that you pack away anything that you don’t need. If not, your space will look even more crowded than it needs to be.

5. Keep artwork size in mind.

When choosing artwork or mirrors for the wall, you need to ensure that the furniture in front of it matches in size. Avoid placing a small canvas behind a large couch and vice versa. You need to create symmetry in the room by ensuring that objects match in size.

Bonus tip: Add the correct lighting.

The correct lighting has a way of making a small space seem larger or a large living space seem much more crowded. Add lighting of different levels to the room in order to create balance. This can be achieved by choosing a floor lamp, side table lamps, as well as overhead lights for the correct look. If at all possible, choose a dimmer to create different effects throughout the room, creating a different look depending on the weather and your mood.

The last thing you want to do, when trying to figure out how to arrange furniture in a small living room, is to blow your budget, right? You don’t want to spend a fortune to make a small space work, thus, finding an affordable place to buy timeless quality and great value furniture is a must.

Not only will you be able to re-arrange your small space to fit your needs, but you’ll also have a little bit of money left spoil yourself.

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