3 Health & Safety Advantages of a Lift Chair

Lift chairs have countless benefits and are particularly useful for those who experience limited mobility, such as the elderly or someone recovering from an injury. Lift chairs are designed with comfort and mobility in mind, however, style was not overlooked as these chairs come in a huge range of colours, styles and materials that will that complement your existing home decór.

An electric recliner lift chairs from Berkowitz Furniture combines superior comfort, smart design and ease of use, enabling the user to move comfortably from a standing position to a seated or reclined position and then back again whilst being fully supported. A lift chair also provides premium comfort for other activities such as napping, watching TV or reading a book. This superior support provides a number of health and safety benefits to the user and others who might usually support the user.

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Reduces strain when standing and sitting

For many people, moving from a seated position to a standing one (or vice versa) can cause unnecessary strain resulting in injuries that make them further immobile. 

A lift chair works by helping the user move from a seated position to a standing position whilst being fully supported. This allows the user full control of the standing and sitting process, giving the user increased independence and full support at the simple touch of a button. It also helps to prevent falls and associated injuries that might commonly occur during this straining movement.

Assists recovery from injuries

If you have been recently injured and are experiencing limitations to your mobility, such as sitting or standing, a lift chair would be a great addition to your household while you recover. Recovery from an injury that includes braces, casts, surgical sutures or general pain can make sitting a difficult task. 

The ergonomic design of an electric recliner lift chair can assist recovery by reducing the strain on a user to sit and stand that could cause further injury or irritation. It also works to reduce the pressure on your body by providing full support to your spine and superior structural support for a number of other comfortable positions. Elevating your feet in a lift chair or recliner also promotes healthy blood and oxygen circulation through your body, legs and feet, aiding recovery and general health.

Reduces injuries to carers

A lift chair is not only beneficial for the user but also for carers. Many carers put themselves at risk of an injury when assisting someone to move from a sitting to standing position or into a wheelchair. A lift chair is advantageous as it provides the user with full support and reduces the lifting that a carer needs to do, that may often lead to strain or injury. 

Need further help deciding on a lift chair? Take a look at our blog How To Select The Right Lift Chair. If you want to purchase an electric recliner lift chair or would like more information visit one of our Berkowitz showrooms in Melbourne or Adelaide or browse online today.


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